This is Slow Cooker Sundays.

Who are we?

We’re Harry and Ben. We grew up in Brighton & Hove in the United Kingdom and have known each other since we were 4 years old. After doing our own thing for a while, we ended up living together in London in our twenties. We have regular jobs Monday to Friday, but on the weekends we are Slow Cooker Sundays!

What do we do?

We create, test and taste slow cooker recipes and share the best ones for you to enjoy!

How did Slow Cooker Sundays start?

We share a love of good food. When we moved into our first flat share, Ben brought a slow cooker with him that had been gathering dust at uni. We headed to the butchers on a Sunday morning, bought a super cheap cut of meat and enjoyed what turned out to be our first SCS meal. We decided to make a tradition of it. After a few weeks, we realised there must be loads of other people like us: food-lovers, strapped for time and wanting a shortcut to great, homecooked food. So we decided to post what we were creating on Instagram and Slow Cooker Sundays was Born!